Millbrook Healthcare Terms and Conditions

Millbrook Healthcare Terms and Conditions – Mi-Guardian Contract


There is a cooling off period of 56 days whereby I can cancel the service. Should I do so then all I pay is the set-up fee with all service charges refunded. If I wish to cancel the service after this time I must give Millbrook Healthcare, 28 days notice either by telephone, letter or e-mail and arrange for Millbrook Healthcare to collect the equipment. I understand that failure to return all the equipment will result in me being charged for its replacement.


Millbrook Healthcare will install and maintain your alarm unit which will be programmed to Medvivo monitoring centre who will provide 24 hour cover 365 days per year. The current rental charge (including maintenance of the equipment and the cost of the monitoring) after the 8 weeks trial period is £3.50 per week, exclusive of VAT. Additional pendants are 48p per week exclusive of VAT. If extra sensors are installed the cost will be more and prices will be given prior to or at installation.


I understand that Millbrook Healthcare may need to make changes to the service or the charges, and if Millbrook Healthcare need to make any alterations they will give me at least 14 days notice prior to the changes coming into effect. I agree and understand that if I fail to pay the service costs, or if it becomes impractical to provide the service to me, that Millbrook Healthcare may withdraw the service and remove the equipment after giving me 14 days notice.


I understand how the unit and sensors work and confirm I will test my pendant at least once a month using the red button. The control centre managed by Medvivo will endeavour as per the TSA regulations, to answer at least 97.5% of alarm activations within 1 minute and to answer all alarm activations, including automated test calls, within 5 minutes. In the unlikely event of the control centre being unable to function properly alternative arrangements will be put in place as quickly as possible but there may be a short delay in dealing with calls. All calls to the control centre are voice recorded and can be replayed for training and quality purposes. I understand that the purpose of Telecare is to support me at home and reduce the risks of independent living, but it cannot eliminate risks completely. Reasonable care will be taken to ensure that all alerts are handled correctly. Sensors do occasionally give false alerts and sometimes fail to respond to a valid event. If the batteries in your sensors need replacing we will let you know what type they are and what needs to be done.

Address: Millbrook Healthcare Nutsey Lane, Calmore Industrial Estate, Totton, Southampton, Hampshire, S040 3XJ

  1. This is a contractual agreement between Millbrook Healthcare and you (the end user)
  1. We Millbrook Healthcare agree to provide the following services:
  1. We Millbrook Healthcare agree to provide the following equipment:

Phone: 03330 030 010 Email:


I agree to provide a means by which my contacts, can gain access to the property in an emergency where I am unable to answer the door. However, if Medvivo are unable to contact either me or my nominated key holders they may call the emergency services to facilitate a forced entry. If a keysafe is available details will be provided to the emergency services to prevent this. I understand that the liability for securing the property and any associated repair costs is my responsibility. I also agree to provide access to my home for installation, planned maintenance, repairs and recovery of the equipment. If there is no response to a planned visit, after checking with your contacts we will leave you a card to say that we have visited. You should then contact the office and arrange another appointment.


Always keep the unit plugged into a telephone point and a 13amp electrical socket. Inform you if I change my telephone supplier or have value added telephone services applied to my telephone line. Maintain an incoming and outgoing telephone service and be responsible for all associated telephone costs. Test the equipment once a month by pressing the pendant and inform the control centre of any problems with the equipment as soon as possible. Provide you with my medical details including my GP’s name and address, my nominated contacts & key holder’s details to enable you to contact them either prior to or in the event of an alarm activation. I will also keep you up to date with any changes to my list of contacts and their details, and ensure that you are informed if I am admitted to hospital or staying away from home by using the red button. Allow personal information gained by Millbrook Healthcare or Medvivo during visits, telephone conversations and in the course of providing the service to me, to be processed and shared with other professional agencies involved in the provision of services to meet my needs. Take care of the equipment by keeping it clean and by not spilling any fluids onto the alarm as this may compromise its future use. If an investigation proves that our equipment is defective and has caused damage to your home, you maybe able to pursue a claim against us in the normal route through our Public Liability Insurance. Upon cancellation of the service I agree to allow Millbrook Healthcare to collect all the equipment that I have rented from them. If any of the equipment can’t be returned then I agree to allow Millbrook Healthcare to take a payment of £100 to cover the cost of replacing the equipment if I pay be direct debit or agree to send a cheque. Act and speak appropriately when dealing with Millbrook Healthcare, or Medvivo staff. Ensure that the Health & Safety of staff entering my property is not compromised and address any issues raised.


Should Millbrook Healthcare change the rental fees they will write to me informing me of any changes at least 30 days prior to those changes come into effect. If I am on the Monthly plan then I agree to pay my fees by Direct Debit. If I am on the Annual plan then I agree to pay my annual fees on or before my renewal date by either Direct Debit, Standing Order, Card Payment, or by sending a Cheque with my name and address on the back, made payable to Millbrook Healthcare Limited and sent to the address on this form. I can set up a direct debit by calling Millbrook Healthcare on 03330 030 010 or sending an email to I can make a Card Payment by calling 03330 030 010.


Your information will be stored and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. If you want to see this information there will be a small charge of £10. You will need to fill out a form and show us some ID to prove who you are. We will endeavour to process your data sharing application within 14 days.


If you are unhappy with our service then please contact us either, via phone, email or in writing. Where your complaint will be logged and you will receive a response from the Customer Services Manager. This will then be acknowledged within 1 working day and we will investigate and responded within 10 working days.