At some time in our lives, perhaps because of disability or just getting older, many of us find it more difficult to carry out everyday tasks and remain independent.

This could be anything from struggling to climb into the bath to finding it difficult to get up stairs. Through the Dorset Accessible Homes service you can access information and advice and explore what solutions could support you. The service can be reached on 0333 00 300 10 or by visiting one of the mi-life centres in Blandford Forum and Dorchester.

  • Checking whether you are entitled to any financial help (for example, disability benefits, or money to help you repair or adapt your home).
  • Completing a free assessment with you about your needs.
  • Setting out your housing options and helping you decide which best suits you.
  • An 8 week free trial of telecare equipment.
  • Helping with any work you decide to have carried out on your home. For example, drawing up plans, getting estimates and liaising with others. Involved in the work, such as council grants officers and occupational therapists.
  • Additional services such as a handyperson services, to carry out small jobs around your home, help with gardening, or coming home from hospital.
  • Helping to make your home more energy-efficient.